Garbage, Birdseed, Chickens, Orchards, Beehives

Problems with bears usually start out so small it's easy to shrug your shoulders and wait for them to go away on their own. But they seldom do. Next thing you know the situation has escalated from damaged bird feeders to break-ins and even injuries.

Solving one problem is good. Preventing lots of future problems is even better. Living with Bears Handbook offers practical information, guidance from experts and dozens of real-life success stories.

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Here Today, Dead Tomorrow

dead female bearIt took about a week for a young black bear in Montana to go from curious and exploring to a statistic. At first the homeowners thought the bear poking its nose into anything that might be edible was "cute." What harm was there in letting it eat some feed or dog food? But one bite led to another and all too soon the bear was in the living room.

The bear was killed shortly after.

Understanding how to keep bears from climbing this Behavioral Ladder of Progression could save millions of dollars and thousands of bears' lives every year.


What's in the Book?

  • All about black bears
  • A look at grizzly bears
  • Understanding bear behavior
  • Root causes of problems
  • Bear-proofing homes and communities
  • Best bear deterrents
  • Preventing problems outdoors
  • Safe bear viewing and photography
  • Managing Bears
  • Volunteer and community programs
  • Case studies from across North America
  • Current population information by state and province

Case Studies

Living with Bears Handbook features nine in-depth case histories, along with advice from experts all over North America and and many examples of how real people and communities are learning to respect, appreciate and coexist with bears.