Anyone who works with people and wildlife
can rely on Living with Bears Handbook to make their job easier.

Bear Managers

"I couldn't ask for a better reference. I recommend it to anyone who lives and recreates in bear country and to those who need a tool to reach them."

Jamie L. Sajecki, Black Bear Project Leader, Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries

Educators, Interpreters, Volunteers, Nonprofits

"As a volunteer at America's busiest National Park, I wish every visitor and employee was required to read this book. It really helps everyone better understand their responsibilities when living in or visiting bear country."

Warren Bielenberg

Parks, Forests, Campgrounds

"This highly readable handbook is a valuable resource to anyone trying to understand or manage human-bear conflicts."

Marty Obbard, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

For HOAs & Communities

Communities and homeowners associations (HOAs) both large and small have found that motivating people to live responsibly with wildlife takes a combination of education, outreach and practical solutions to the biggest problems, like handling trash and feeding wildlife.

Managing Wildlife, Motivating People

I'm a specialist in human communication and motivation. I think of myself as a link between the experts with all the bear information and the folks who really need it ... the public. Scientific information goes in...words that get through to the average resident or visitor to bear country come out. I wrote Living with Bears Handbook to make it easier for everyone working in wildlife and natural resources management, research and education to connect with the human half of human-bear conflicts.

If bears could read, I would have written "Living with People," so they'd understand that failing to figure out how to peacefully coexist with the humans could cost them their lives. Bears are so smart they would immediately adopt the behaviors necessary to survive.

But only humans have the power to prevent conflicts with bears. So all of you who deal with people must find better ways to educate, motivate, inspire, cajole and occasionally threaten them into doing the right thing. And give them the information and tools they need to do it.

Living with Bears Handbook can help you give them the information and tools they need delivered in an easy to relate to way. There's practical information and guidelines, case histories that show how other communities and organizations have solved their problems, useful reference materials and lots more.


"A requisite for anyone living or recreating in bear habitat, and for those of us who work with bears, this exceptional resource knowledgeably addresses both issues and solutions."

Carl Lackey, Game Biologist, Nevada Dept. of Wildlife