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Living With Bears Handbook, 2nd Edition
Living With Bears Handbook, 2nd Edition
Living With Bears, 1st Edition
Living With Bears, 1st Edition

Should be required reading...

"...This book should be required reading in every school and for every wildlife manager in bear country. I, for one, will definitely be keeping my trash cans locked and my bird feeders put away. I highly recommend Living With Bears Handbook to any wildlife manager or conservation staff member working in bear country as a useful reference tool for explaining bear interactions to the public."

Lucian R. McDonald for Human-Wildlife Interactions

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An asset in our toolbox for educating the public

"Despite the increase in human-bear interactions across North America, Linda's book remains the only book available that provides a single source of information about the basics of bear biology and behavior, bear management, and implementing solutions to prevent conflicts. This expanded 2nd edition will be an asset in our toolbox for educating the public on how they can be partners in preventing and resolving bear conflicts."

Colleen Olfenbuttel for International Bear News

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Book Reviews for the 1st and 2nd Editions

From Wildlife Professionals

"Make room on the top of your stack for this reorganized and completely updated handbook. It's my go-to definitive resource on bears."
— Rich Beausoleil, Bear & Cougar Specialist, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

"The best single source of information and inspiration on how to understand and live compatibly with bears. Masterson writes with understanding, authority and wit, and shares in her encyclopedic knowledge of bears and how to reduce human-bear conflicts."
— Stephen Herrero, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science, University of Calgary, Canada, and author of Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance

"I couldn't ask for a better reference. Living With Bears Handbook covers everything people need to know in an interesting, motivating, easy-to-understand way; I recommend it to anyone who lives and recreates in bear country and to those who need a tool to reach them."
— Jaime L. Sajecki, Black Bear Project Leader, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

"A requisite for anyone living or recreating in bear habitat, and an exceptional resource for those of us who work with bears professionally that knowledgeably addresses both the issues and the solutions. Now if people will just emulate what Linda is teaching, our world will be much happier for humans and bears alike."
Carl Lackey, Game Biologist, Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

"Living With Bears Handbook is the most comprehensive, cogent, and handy guide about bears that I've found. I recommend this book as essential reading for our young officers in training and to citizens who live and play in Colorado's abundant bear country."
— Jerry A. Apker, Wildlife Manager, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

"A copy of this book should be in the door pocket of every agency official who deals with human/bear conflicts and gives a damn about bears."
— Chris Parmeter, District Wildlife Manager, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

"An excellent job of presenting a great deal of valuable information that promotes coexistence. I highly recommend it to everyone living in bear country, and wildlife managers who deal with human-bear conflicts."
— John Hechtel, Bear Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

"Bravo! This go-to handbook pulls together a comprehensive collection of facts and practical advice on living with bears. A fun and insightful read."
— Hank Hristienko, Black Bear, Moose & Wolf Manager, Manitoba Conservation

"As the author so clearly points out, one cannot solve this problem alone. It takes the whole community. I still stand by my advice from the first edition: Buy two copies—one to wear out at home and one to loan to neighbors."
— Tom Beck, Bear Biologist (retired), Colorado Division of Wildlife

"A comprehensive primer that is useful for professionals and the public alike. I found the book highly readable, clear, easy to use and quite complete. Masterson strikes a good balance between information and entertainment, producing a book I suspect biologists, wildlife managers and agency personnel will turn to more than they might at first think."
—Karen Noyce, Vice President for Americas, IBA; Research Biologist, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources

From Homeowners & Outdoor Enthusiasts

"Living With Bears Handbook empowers me to do everything I can to help keep bears wild, and hopefully save a bear's life. I will definitely use these tips, resources, and easy-to-understand steps to avoid conflicts with bears at our home and when we hike the Rockies."
— Sarah Melby, Bellvue, Colorado

"All wildlife photographers know the best way to create great photos is to understand their subject. And if you photograph bears you MUST read Linda Masterson's amazing Living With Bears Handbook. You will not only learn bear behavior, which will allow you to capture better images, you will have less impact on the bears in the process because you will truly understand them."
— Bill Lea, nature photographer

"As a long-time beekeeper, I can say, without a doubt, that Living with Bears Handbook is a must-read for all beekeepers in bear country. It's chock full of handy tips that will help beekeepers protect their hives, including ways to create physical barriers that keep hungry and curious bears at bay."
— Jay Bradshaw, owner - Bad Bear Honey, Aldie, Virginia

“This is THE book about the American Black Bear, bar none. I recommend it over all other information available about the natural behavior, habitat, biology and life of this animal. It is a must for anyone who lives in bear country, as well.”
— Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph

"I have over 350 bear publications in my personal library and I must say that this is one of my favorites. A wonderful, well written book, full of useful information on how to live with bears. I especially liked the tips spread throughout the book by noted bear biologist Tom Beck."
— William R. Cramer, Durango, Colorado

"This is not your usual dry documentary type book on an animal. It's very lively, funny, yet serious at the same time. After all, dealing with bears is serious business. If you live in bear country, this is a must have book. You'll learn to respect bears and not be afraid of them It's intetersting to learn that bears are more afraid of us than we are of them."
— Sandy Jameson, Colorado

“This book is appropriate and very informative without providing simply extraneous information. I live in bear country and expect to see bears, and feel that I need to be able to understand them. Being a wildlife photographer, the information provided can be a great help.”
—  Cliff W. Allen, Jr.

“This book is full of great stories. It is simply the best resource I have found on living with black bears. As a land manager, I find this book to be invaluable. In fact, this is one of the best books I've yet read. Enjoy!”
— Shaun J. Howardon

From Educators & Organizations

"Each year thousands of bears are destroyed in North America largely because of our carelessness. Use this excellent book and you can help ensure the bear has a wild future in our increasingly human-dominated world."
— Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, California Director, National Wildlife Federation, and author of When Mountain Lions are Neighbors

"A remarkable book that will change the way you think and act in bear country. Masterson is a master writer and researcher. Her book should be on the shelves of every library and in every home by which a bear has ever strolled."
— Sylvia Dolson, Executive Director, Get Bear Smart Society

"An excellent source of information for the general public and management biologists on the biology of bears, the underlying causes of human-bear conflicts and methods for reducing conflicts where people live, work and recreate in bear habitats. I heartily recommend it."
— John J. Beecham, Ph.D., International Union for the Conservation of Nature

"Linda makes it easy to be part of the solution."
— Rachel Mazur, Wildlife Ecologist and author of Speaking of Bears

"Easy to understand, fun to read, and full of case histories that present practical solutions to a variety of real-life human-bear conflicts. As a conflict resolution specialist, I'll refer many people to Living with Bears Handbook."
— Patti Sowka, IUCN Human-Bear Conflict Expert Team

"Great job delivering badly needed information! This highly readable handbook is a valuable resource to anyone trying to understand or manage human-bear conflicts."
— Marty Obbard, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

"This handbook is the definitive resource I refer to when training volunteers or presenting to the public. It provides all the tools necessary for people living and recreating in bear country to share habitat with our wild neighbors."
— Mary K. McCormac, Education and Watchable Wildlife Coordinator, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

From Communities & Magazines

"An excellent book with so much great information that we want to pass on to our Hemlock Farms residents. With minor adjustments in our behavior, we can make major changes in bear behavior."
— Dennis Fleming, Hemlock Farms HOA, Pennsylvania

"We recommend Living with Bears to all our property owners, and we sell it in the office. It makes it much easier to get people to understand what they need to do to prevent bear problems."
— Jim Tiffin, Crystal Lakes Association

"If you live in bear country (and, unless you're an inner-city resident, you probably do), you owe it to bears to read this smart, useful and long-overdue book. Don't let them die because of your or your neighbors' mistakes."
— Ted Williams, Editor-at-Large, Audubon, and Conservation Editor, Fly Rod & Reel

"A must-read for urban wildlife specialists, community leaders and homeowners looking to protect their property from ursine neighbors. Masterson uses wit and a wealth of wisdom to convince readers that most human/bear conflicts come when a bear's unending search for food is easily satisfied when humans unknowingly serve it up on a silver platter in easily accessible garbage cans, bird feeders, camp coolers, orchards and gardens."
— Kathryn Kahler, Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

"Linda Masterson has put together a book that is concise, knowledgeable and easy-to-read. And her timing is perfect. This book is a godsend to those attempting to demonstrate to the 'smarter of the two species' the need and ability to live with bears."
— Bryan Peterson, Executive Director, Bear Smart Durango, Colorado