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An electric fence has the power to keep bears out of landfills, apiaries, cabins, campsites, campers, livestock enclosures, grain sheds and just about anywhere else you don’t want bears to go. Portable electric fences can be set up and functional in less than two hours, and solar-powered systems can be installed anywhere there’s enough sun to charge the batteries.

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Installing and Using Portable and Camping Fences

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wearing Counter Assault bear sprayBEAR SPRAY

Genuine bear spray emits a loud whooshing sound and sprays out a foggy orange cloud of capsaicin and related capsaicinoids—the active irritants in peppers with a heat rating that’s off the charts.

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Properly constructed, installed and maintained, bear unwelcome mats cause instant pain if a bear attempts to walk over the mat to reach a door or window, but do no permanent damage. Unwelcome mats can be left in place underneath windows or seldom-used doors, or put in place when you’ll be away from home. They can be used anywhere as a temporary, short-term measure to deter bears.

How to Make an Unwelcome Mat