Running Bear in Water

Understanding Bears

Living in a world of tweets, texts and mobile devices has made us impatient. "Never mind all this background stuff, just tell me how to keep bears out of my garbage."

But if you take the time to understand what makes bears tick, your human light bulb will go off, and you'll have a much easier time of appreciating bears – and preventing them from creating problems for you.

That's why several chapters in Living with Bears Handbook are devoted to bear basics, like where bears live, what they eat and why the very same traits that make them successful omnivores can get them into trouble with their human neighbors.

For example, Chapter 3 includes:

A Bear's Life | Home on the Range | Why Do Bears Roam

Sizing Up Bears | What Color is a Black Bear?

Carnivore or Omnivore? | Built for Strength and Endurance

The Courtship of Bears | A Little Bit Pregnant

The Annual Feeding Frenzy | A Long Winter's Nap

Do Bears Really Hibernate? | Spring Wake-Up Call

A Nose for Food | All Ears | Do Bears Need Glasses?

Smarter Than the Smartest Dog | Can Bears Reason?

Good Memories | Curious and Resourceful | Shy and Evasive

Remarkable Tolerant | All-Around Animal Athletes

Bear Calorie Counter

The Bear Behavioral Ladder of Progression

The Bear Behavioral Ladder of Progression

How to Tell a Black Bear from a Grizzly

Where Black Bears Can Be Found