Got Bears?

  • Are you a homeowner looking for workable ways to live with your four-footed neighbors?
  • An association trying to motivate property owners to be bear smart?
  • A municipality in search of proven and practical solutions?
  • An educator or volunteer looking for information and inspiration?
  • A bear professional who spends way too much time working with people?

Living with Bears Handbook is packed with the information you need to live smart and play safe where bears live too. It’s written and designed to be easy to use, so dog-ear the pages, add post-it notes and keep it where you can get your paws on it in a flash.

The new companion Bear Smart Pocket Guides offer lots of tips and handy facts in a convenient tri-fold format so they’re easy to post on your frig or take with you anywhere. Bulk orders can be personalized with a logo and contact information.

People cause the vast majority of the “problems” we have with bears. And only people can, and must, solve and prevent them. So browse. Enjoy. And pitch in.

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Living With Bears

If Bears Could Read...

About Bears
Why do bears climb trees? How big is a black bear? How can I tell if there are bears around? ...
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What Attracts Bears, and How to Prevent Problems
  Garbage, Birdseed, Chickens, Orchards, Beehives Problems with bears usually start out so sm...
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Education Tools for Bear Managers & People Managers
Anyone who works with people and wildlife can rely on Living with Bears Handbook to make thei...
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Book Reviews
An asset in our toolbox for educating the public "Despite the increase in human-bear interactions ...
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Author Linda Masterson
Author and researcher Linda Masterson was a member of Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Bear Aware tea...
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From Florida to Alaska

Estimated Number of Black Bears in North America
Number of calories a bear needs every day in late summer and fall
Calories in a bird feeder filled with 7 pounds of birdseed
Average number of "problem" bears killed every year


Electrifying Solutions for Keeping Bears Out
Electrifying Solutions for Keeping Bears Out
October 24, 2018
Ordinary fences won’t keep out bears. It’s easy for a bear to climb up and over to get to something it wants on the other side. Black bears are excellent diggers and can tunnel underneath as
One Bite Really Will Kill You
One Bite Really Will Kill You
February 13, 2018
If people food is readily available, it’s just a matter of time before a bear comes exploring. If the bear has a positive experience (getting a food reward) without any negative consequences
10 Tips for Hiking in Bear Country
10 Tips for Hiking in Bear Country
May 10, 2017
Hiking takes you into places wild animals call home. You're the guest; they're the residents. It's up to you to learn how to enjoy spending time on their home turf without doing any dama...

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