In the Neighborhood

Most people who live in places bears live too enjoy the outdoors and want to be closer to nature. But finding a bear methodically emptying your refrigerator or smashing your car windows is not what they have in mind. Getting people to work together to prevent problems for bears and the community takes information, inspiration, motivation and often legislation. Homeowners' Associations and communities will find all that and more in Living with Bears Handbook.


LWB2-CVR-crpd300pxRGB"We recommend Living with Bears to all our property owners, and we sell it in the office. It makes it much easier to get people to understand what they need to do to prevent bear problems."
— Jim Tiffin, Crystal Lakes Association, Colorado

Working Together to Prevent Problems


Homeowners' associations are uniquely positioned to help motivate homeowners and stress how important it is for everyone to work together to prevent problems for people and bears.

HemlockSign-72dpiUp to 10,000 members of Hemlock Farms, an HOA community of full-time and seasonal residents in Pennsylvania, have been successfully sharing eight square miles with about 20 bears for generations. Hemlock Farms uses education, information and when all else fails, financial motivation, to persuade people to live responsibly.  Read their story in Living with Bears Handbook. Download the Hemlock Farms Ordinance here.

“Not getting along with the bears is not an option. It’s up to people to accept that bears live in close proximity and that we need to educate ourselves on the dos and don’ts of living with them.” - Mike Sibio, Hemlock Farms, Pennsylvania Community Manager since 1985


Completely updated and expanded

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What's in the Book

  • Understanding bears
  • Bear-proofing homes
  • Preventing problems
  • Feeding birds, protecting pets, gardening
  • Trash problems and solutions
  • Dealing with people who won’t cooperate
  • Deterring bears from homes and communities
  • When bears are killed
  • Sample ordinances and laws
  • Success stories on: handling trash, motivating homeowners, adapting for bears, laying down the law, successful community-based volunteer programs

Put the Book to Work

Buy in bulk at a discount:

  • Use for staff and board member education
  • Sell in HOA office – either at wholesale, or sell at retail and put the profits towards bear proofing and education.
  • Include in the welcome package for new homeowners
  • Use as a fundraiser

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