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It's Time to Bring in Your "Bear" Feeders

Bear Expert Offers Springtime Tip: Bring in Your Bird Feeders

LOVELAND, COLORADO – April 7, 2016

Your bird feeder could lead to the death of a bear whose only "crime" is being smart, industrious and very good at finding food, according to bear expert Linda Masterson. In her new book, Living With Bears Handbook, Masterson explains that bear feeders, more commonly known as bird feeders, are one of the biggest cause of human-bear problems.

A study in New York State showed that more than 80% of human-bear conflicts could be traced back to the bear's first encounter with a bird feeder. Bird feeders are the ultimate carry-out food for bears: easy to get at and filled with tasty, nutritious natural foods that would take a hungry bear many hours of foraging to find in the wild.


Bears Need Help Solving Growing People Problems

New Book Offers Practical Ways, and the Motivation, to Prevent Conflicts

LOVELAND, COLORADO – January 2016 — Today bears have a growing people problem: their "backyards" are full of humans and people-provided food is everywhere. Every year thousands of bears pay with their lives for taking advantage of the never-ending buffet of garbage, birdseed, and other calorie-laden treats.

It doesn't have to be that way. The vast majority of human-bear conflicts could be prevented if people were half as determined and resourceful as bears. Author Linda Masterson shows us how to avoid problems for both people and bears in her new expanded and updated Living With Bears Handbook.

Stephen Herrero, noted authority on bear behavior and attacks, commented, "This book is the best single source of information and inspiration on how to understand and live compatibly with bears."