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Understanding. Appreciation. Respect. Action.

Living with Bears Handbook is designed to lead people down the path to living more responsibly with all wildlife, especially bears.


"Easy to understand, fun to read, and full of case histories that present practical solutions to a variety of real-life human-bear conflicts. As a conflict resolution specialist, I'll refer many people to Living with Bears Handbook."
Patti Sowka, IUCN Human-Bear Conflict Expert Team

Contents - Living With Bears Handbook


The Bear Facts
1 - What's the Problem?
2 - Where the Bears Are
3 - Understanding Black Bears
4 - Grizzly Bears in Brief

Managing Bears, Motivating People
5 - A Look at Bear Management
6 - Relocation: "Come Get Your Bear"
7 - Other Non-Lethal Tactics
8 - Laying Down the Law
9 - Out of Options: When Bears Are Killed

At Home in Bear Country
10 - Living in the Bears' Backyard
11 - Tackling Trash: The Number One Problem
12 - Home Bear-Smart Home
13 - The Birds and the Bears
14 - Protecting Gardens, Orchards and Livestock
15 - Bear Barriers and Deterrents

Playing Smart in Bear Country
16 - On the Trail
17 - Camping, Backpacking and Fishing in Bear Country

On the Road in Bear Country
18 - Driving Bear Aware
19 - Viewing and Photographing Bears

Crossing Paths with Bears
20 - Bear Signs and Sounds
21 - Encounters with Bears
22 - When Black Bears Attack
23 - Ready, Aim, Bear Spray

Making a Difference in Your Community
24 - Volunteers for Bears
25 - Partnering Up for Bears

Beary-Smart Solutions
The Last Black Bear in Florida
Taking Back the City Streets; Boulder, Colorado
Two Decades of Bear Smart Success; Get Bear Smart Society
Kicking the Curbside Habit; Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Community Coexistence at Hemlock Farms; Pennsylvania
Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions; Great Smoky Mountains National Park
The Journey Back to Wild; Yosemite National Park
Signs of Change at Crystal Lakes, Colorado
Evolution of a Bear Smart Community; Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Black Bear Populations by State / Province
Where to See Bears
Bear Organizations
Wildlife Information & Organizations
Bear-Resistant Product Testing
Sample Community Ordinances
Books, DVDs, Guides, Curriculums
Government Agencies
Glossary of Bear Terms

Technical Advisor Rich Beausoleil
Author Linda Masterson


Completely updated and expanded

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  • Understanding bears and bear behavior
  • Bear populations by state and province
  • Reducing the fear factor
  • Motivating people
  • Why providing bears with food causes big problems
  • Bear calorie counter
  • Behavioral ladder of progression
  • Why and how to live bear-smart
  • Crossing paths with bears
  • Safe viewing and photography
  • Bear management options
  • When bears are killed

Put the Book to Work

  • Use as a training tool for educators, interpreters and volunteers
  • Buy at wholesale discounts, sell at presentations and events
  • Give a gift that will keep on teaching in return for a donation to the program
  • Use proceeds from book sales to fund bear education
  • Make available in visitor center gift shops and book stores
  • Give to volunteers as a thank you for service and a reference tool

Case Studies

Living with Bears Handbook features nine in-depth case histories, along with advice from experts all over North America and and many examples of how real people and communities are learning to respect, appreciate and coexist with bears.

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