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Understanding. Appreciation. Respect. Action.

Living with Bears Handbook is designed to lead people down the path to living more responsibly with all wildlife, especially bears.


"Easy to understand, fun to read, and full of case histories that present practical solutions to a variety of real-life human-bear conflicts. As a conflict resolution specialist, I'll refer many people to Living with Bears Handbook."
Patti Sowka, IUCN Human-Bear Conflict Expert Team

Connecting with Nature, One Person at a Time

bearskulllessonFloridaWEBTeaching people to value wildlife is sometimes frustrating, often challenging and absolutely vital. People with the skills to make the human light bulb go off are one of Mother Nature’s most valuable resources.

You can’t force people to be responsible. You have to get your message across in ways that inform, entertain, motivate and inspire. With the right tools you can do a better job of helping people appreciate and respect bears, and understand how their behavior affects bears and all the wildlife that’s forced to share space with us. Living with Bears Handbook will arm you with facts, examples and ideas you can use.

What could be more important than connecting kids with nature?


Completely updated and expanded

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  • Understanding bears and bear behavior
  • Bear populations by state and province
  • Reducing the fear factor
  • Motivating people
  • Why providing bears with food causes big problems
  • Bear calorie counter
  • Behavioral ladder of progression
  • Why and how to live bear-smart
  • Crossing paths with bears
  • Safe viewing and photography
  • Bear management options
  • When bears are killed

Put the Book to Work

  • Use as a training tool for educators, interpreters and volunteers
  • Buy at wholesale discounts, sell at presentations and events
  • Give a gift that will keep on teaching in return for a donation to the program
  • Use proceeds from book sales to fund bear education
  • Make available in visitor center gift shops and book stores
  • Give to volunteers as a thank you for service and a reference tool

Case Studies

Living with Bears Handbook features nine in-depth case histories, along with advice from experts all over North America and and many examples of how real people and communities are learning to respect, appreciate and coexist with bears.

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