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Understanding Bears, Reaching People

Dealing with the public is the number one challenge (after stretching the budget) agencies face today. Living with Bears Handbook will help staff at all levels communicate with the public and stakeholders in ways that go beyond pure information and help you inspire understanding, cooperation and change.


LWB2-CVR-crpd300pxRGB“A copy of this book should be in the door pocket of every agency official who deals with human/bear conflicts and gives a damn about bears.”

Chris Parmeter, District Wildlife Manager, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

A Tool You Can Use with Confidence

DumpsterDivingBearsTuttleHundreds of professionals contributed to Living with Bears Handbook. It’s a tool you can use and recommend with confidence.

“We ordered books for all our field personnel statewide. It will help us be more consistent in our messaging and responses to the public and the media. The information is sound and up to date, and has been thoroughly reviewed by numerous top bear biologists. It will be a great resource for our staff, as I’m confident it would be for other agencies.”
- Rich Beausoleil, Bear and Cougar Specialist, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

“It’s required reading for our college intern program because it is the only book I know of that provides a comprehensive look at how bear managers across North America are working to reduce human-bear conflicts and the approach to the subject and overall theme aligns with FWC’s views on this important issue.”
- Dave Telesco, Bear Management Program Coordinator, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Completely updated and expanded

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Dozens of state agencies from around the country use the Living With Bears book in their training and outreach programs. State and national parks sell it, and provide it to volunteers.

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  • Black bear biology
  • Understanding bear behavior
  • Grizzly bears in brief
  • Urban bears
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Bear proofing homes & communities
  • Trash solutions that work
  • The best bear deterrents
  • Being bear-smart outdoors
  • Responding to encounters and attacks
  • Bear management overview and options
  • When bears are killed
  • Legislation & ordinances
  • Working with non-profits and volunteers
  • Black bear population charts
  • Glossary of Bear Terms
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Extensive resources and references

Put the Book to Work

  • Reference tool for staff dealing with the public
  • Give to PIO officers and others dealing with the media
  • Equip biologists, field staff and wildlife officers
  • Recommend to visitor center gift shops and bookstores
  • Link to the book on your agency website
  • Send to your Wildlife Commission Members (ask about including a letter and more information from the author)
  • Add copies to education trunks, presentation kits
  • Donate copies to schools, libraries
  • Recommend to the media

Case Studies

Living with Bears Handbook features nine in-depth case histories, along with advice from experts all over North America and and many examples of how real people and communities are learning to respect, appreciate and coexist with bears.

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